KUMAON- A Bird Lover’s paradise.

The Kumaon Himalayas is one of the best places for bird watchers, because of the rarity and variety of birds that are spotted amongst the highest peaks and valleys of the world. Kumaon destination is probably the brightest example of Himalayan birding, acting as a wonderful base for bird watchers who feel a peck of delight at the sight of these flapping beauties.

This tour takes you to the best birding and wildlife locations of the North including a visit to the Corbett National Park. Birding hotspots like Pangot, Sattal, Munsiyari, Kausani, and Binsar are rife with bird species of the north and harbor many endemics as well.

It is, however, birding that makes Kumaon is a bird lover’s paradise. Due to it’s untouched and unpolluted environ, coupled with the beautiful forests of rhododendrons, deodars, and pine, this Destinations as well as the surrounding areas are home to a number of Himalayan bird species.

The Himalayas are the crowning glory of India, and home to many endemic as well as migratory birds. Most of the Himalayan birds are rarely found elsewhere in the country and are well adapted to the Himalayan altitude and climate. Kumaon Destinations is perfect for birding and to explore the bird species that are very specific to the Himalaya.

There are a varied number of exotic and amazing bird species are found here.  It is estimated that about 2240 different bird species are found around this region which has also been declared as an Important Bird Area.

The bird species that has often been voted as the most beautiful bird, the Himalayan Monal. This beautifully colored petite bird is a delight to sore eyes. Other birds that can be seen, include the Snow Patridge, Himalayan Griffon, Himalayan Swiftlet, Mountain Hawk-eagle, Grey-headed woodpeckers, Himalayan Bluetail, Blue Whistling Thrush, Rufous Breasted Accentor and the Himalayan Buzzard amongst many others.

The Kalij Pheasants, Kocklass pheasants, Russets sparrows, spotted doves, and grey Bushcat is commonly found here. However, it is the Blue-whistling Thrush that is seen around almost all water sources in the area.

Day and night are contrasting where the mornings are music to the ears of songbirds, babblers, and calls from the pheasants and barbets. The nights, on the contrary, are exceptionally silent and the only sound that can be heard at times is lone the call of the sambhar or barking deer.

Other birds that are seen include the Grey-crested tits, Chestnut-bellied rock thrush, Himalayan vulture, White-collared bluebird, Rufous-bellied Woodpecker, Himalayan woodpecker, Mistle thrush, White-throated laughing thrushes, Black-headed Jay, Black-faced warbler, Pygmy Wren Babbler, Golden eagle, Fire-capped tit, Bush-robin, Yellow-rumped Honeyguide and many more.

However, Kumaon Destinations is famous for its lush green meadows, forests and splendid views are the most refreshing and rejuvenating spot for not only bird-watchers but also trekkers and nature lovers. It is amazing and mesmerizing landscape and views. If one is lucky, besides the much coveted Himalayan Monal the endangered Himalayan Tahr can also be spotted in the valley.

Visit Kumaon for stunning locales, exotic bird species, gorgeous trekking tales and soothing green carpets of meadows and evergreen forests in clusters. But, mainly it is the Himalayan birds that fly away with the larger share of wonderment and fascination.

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  • The pristine Himalayas.
  • Excellent Birding & Photography.
  • Great Food.
  • Himalayan road trips.
  • Short walks and hikes.
  • Ever-changing landscape.
  • Sightseeing and local lifestyle.
  • Tiger Safari.

Itinerary of bird tour

Day 01: Arrive Delhi

Day 02: Delhi to Pangot

Day 03: Pangot

Day 04: Pangot to Sattal

Day 05: Sattal to Binsar

Day 06: Binsar to Munsiyari

Day 07: Munsiyari

Day 08: Munsiyari

Day 09: Munsiyari

Day 10: Munsiyari to Kausani

Day 11: Kausani

Day 12: Kausani to Corbett

Day 13: Corbett

Day 14: Corbett to Delhi

Day 15: Departure

Tour concludes with Happy Memories!

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Bird Photography Tour at Munsiyari

The Gori Ganga Basin of western Himalayas houses approximately 324 bird species. It is almost a quarter of all the bird species of India. These birds which include rare, endemic and endangered species can be found at all altitude levels from 600m to 7,000m above sea level. This region encompasses climates ranging from polar to alpine with different vegetation types and hence the bird habitats. The real experience of birding and the ultimate sightings of Himalayan mountains both are here. Munsiyari, one of Uttarakhand’s hidden priced possessions located in Pitthoragarh – spell check and correct everywhere district is another must-visit destination for birding. The Panchachuli Range and the unstirred forests of Munsiyari make for a perfect getaway where you can enjoy in peace and spot birds at leisure. Munsiyari welcome all who are seeking great beautiful birds in a great place and who just want to lose in the wild and explore the nature and the birding world. The Munsiayri has blessed with great high altitude Himalayan Wildlife and birds. It’s not only home of the most beautiful bird of India but also some of the rarest.

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